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A BIID (British Institute of Interior Designers) registered interior designer who holds a degree from Staffordshire University, U.K. with qualifications in Feng Shui (Positive Energy in Interior Design) and an award winner of the National Design Award X Dulux Paint. 
Rand believes that the human’s behaviour is affected directly by the specific principles we use in designing spaces therefore she created this practice to design luxury spaces led by extensive research to focus on the well-being of individuals. Click here to read her research papers.

Rand is passionate about helping others and contributing in making a change! Her long-term aim is to enhance people’s lives by scientifically designing spaces that suit each individual’s needs and to positively impact humans’ behaviours by design.


Aiming to design spaces that focuses on the well-being of individuals and offer a balance between comfort, serenity, functionality and sophistication.


To positively impact people's behaviours and enhance their lives by designing inclusive and accessible interior spaces. 

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